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We are a Media Product focused on Storytelling that Inspires, Educates and Entertains. More focused on presenting the positive vibrations from the outcomes of our existence.

“Let’s Evolve ………”

The inspiration for Creation of Blog (www.sourirejolie.com)

The words of the Late Curator and Chief Creative Writer – Miss Dennisada Fiberesima
poem-le-bonheur-bydennisadaMy emotions found their thought
Their thoughts found words.
Thoughts that breathe, words that burn.
Intensified by enthralling images
A remedy to an inflicted life and succor to a battered heart

Where others might have diaries, poetry has always been my way of telling my story, I started my blog because I needed a space to share my poetry with the world. Recently I have been gradually incorporating other forms of writing because there is so much I feel I can share with the world. I believe words are so powerful and I hope by blogging, my writing can keep improving and I can get better at passing a message across and maybe touch lives positively through my words.

Signed: Miss Dennisada Fiberesima

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New Vision for ByDennisada.com

The new vision before Miss Dennisada Fiberesima demise was to rebrand from “www.sourirejolie.com” to the current “www.bydennisada.com“. We will expand the digital platforms to make the bydennisada.com brand product into a media and education platform, with a mission to Inspire and Educate our audience by storytelling.

The bydennisada.com digital media brand product is involved with the promotion of storytelling and contents related to;

  • Poetry
  • Writing – Short Stories
  • Books and Reviews
  • Photography
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Arts
  • Culture
  • Education

You can collaborate with us by contributing your developed contents and ideas for us to present to a wider audience using our digital platforms.

Kindly support us.

Signed: Osowo Ebuta

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  1. Humm! A lot in a few lines. It feels like the perfect line at the climax of a novel.good one sourire. My only pain is that it’s short, a little background farward would have given d mystics better effect.

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