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Dennisada Fiberesima

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(AKA Denni-girl, Atutu, Denni)

A Writer, Poet, Blogger, Style Coach, Fashionista, Art & Culture lover, Photographer, Budding Fictographer and Technology Enthusiast.
A True #WeAreNigerianCreatives, Curator of www.bydennisada.com (previously www.sourirejolie.com) in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

She was born on 3rd April 1992 and named after her late mum Dennisada Denni-Fiberesima. Her presence brought smiles to everyone who looked her way. She was a joy and consolation to her late mum Dr Dennisada Denni-Fiberesima. From childhood to adult years she was always had a peaceful aura, never frowning, a very attentive listener. Denni is known to pay attention to the tiniest details. she had a one-of-a-kind spirit that would end a conflict or argument even before her arrival.


  • Poetry
  • Writing – Prose and Books
  • Education – Social and Digital Literacy ( A means to empowerment)
  • Helping Disadvantaged Groups (Inclusion)
  • Communication for Development
  • Gender Equality (Inclusion)
  • Community Development
  • Projects Volunteering


Her first interview to gain admission to Bereton was with ease and joy both to the interviewers and herself. She completed her primary school in Bereton Montessori School. She gained admission into Obafemi Awolowo University(OAU) where she graduated with flying colours from the Department of International Relations. She had just gained admission in December 2017 to do her Masters(M.Sc) in the Rivers State University of Science and Technology(RSUST) to study Mass Communication (Communication and Development Studies). She studied French at Alliance Francaise and was fluent in spoken, written and reading French. She was passionate about education and understood its value for capacity development, job role effectiveness and career growth. Her passion for education also prompted her into the consideration of setting up a foundation in memory of her later mum, with a Vision to empower disadvantaged groups, especially the girl child for the liberation and development of Africa and a Mission to promote digital and social education in rural communities in order to ensure development. She also had Intentions of doing a PhD .


Denny although from a comfortable background, did not like to depend on her mum or siblings for support, she believed in paving her own way and earning her own wages. For this reason she ensured she had a job or business at hand at all times from a very young age.

She has always been excited about Brand & Communication management, hence her chosen career path. She has worked in numerous places at different levels from volunteering, internships to employment . Some of the places she had worked includes AIESEC Nigeria, Silver Bird Rhythm 93.7 Port Harcourt, NEPAD Rivers state, INEC Bayelsa State, Port Harcourt Water Corporation(PHWC), AfDB-World Bank-RVSG Funded Project under PHWC.

At each of this places where she had worked, most of her roles was geared towards contributing to the community, effective handling of job role, professionalism, developing her career path and passion of content creation, developmental works, citizens and stakeholders engagements, community relations and awareness programmes, new media content creation, web and social media management, brand development, promotions and campaign planning, publicity, PR, Research, Information collation & dissemination . All of which can be seen in her resume.

Career growth and development was a major priority for Denny. In other to advance her professionalism as a media and public relation personnel she underwent some trainings and got awarded certificates from Nigerian Institute Of Public Relations (NIPR) – Professional Diploma – July 2017, Nigerian Institute Of Public Relations (NIPR) – Professional Certificate – December 2016, Intercultural Communication and Conflict Resolution(November 2016), Public Relations for Digital Media(May – December 2016), Citizens Engagement( World Bank – March 2016).

Denni-girl was employed and worked at Port Harcourt Water Corporation(PHWC) as the Communications and Public Relations Officer until her demise. At PHWC she was responsible for most media content creation task, both analogue and digital content. Basically electronic newsletters, social media, website, graphics designs, photography, programmes, publications and many more content materials as was required for stakeholders engagement, public relations, awareness and campaigns initiatives.

She also had other part time jobs where she worked with Jenetics and as a creative director/ photographer with wraps and roses photography. She was also personal style coach and closet coordinator.


Denni-girl was a golden child born. She blessed her mum in many ways as ”Aunty” who had been a mother to many, could now be called a mum. Loved by her late mother a love also reciprocated. Just seeing her mother would bring smiles to her face. It was no hidden fact she had a small circle called family but she had unconditional love for them. in many ways she resembled her late mum in looks and in a kind heart.


Denny was wired in a socially unique way. This meaning, she was 100% an introvert but her social life was 2nd to none. It is no wonder I believe her friends will forever have a hole in their lives  as she believed in friendship bond and made sure good friends became family. She never missed an opportunity to have a good time or celebrate the moment. Her life  was definition of ”save and plan for tomorrow but live like there is no tomorrow”, in fact with ice cream and macaroons in front of her,  I can hear her say ”YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE…..”


Denni never believed in being idle. She was a member of various associations and participated to the fullest of her abilities, while seizing the opportunity to contribute as well as learn. She believed in self development first, while impacting the world at large. Some of the associations includes;

  • Open Talk Tech Community
  • Nigerian Institute of Public Relations
  • Port Harcourt Book Club
  • Rivers State Bloggers Community
  • Port Harcourt Poetry Club
  • The 36 Forum
  • Queens College Old Girls Association
  • Women in Water


Denni-girl loved her food, although she always ate annoyingly slow . she loved to watch series, she loved shopping for clothes and dreamed of being in them. Looking impeccable at  all times was her thing. she was the ultimate fashionista. She loved to travel and tour. Picture taking and making fun videos was a serious hobby of hers.

She was dedicated to colours, in her teenage years she loved pink so much she had a famous all pink room in OAU. she was also known as ”miss fuschia pink” which she named herself and various things after. In recent times black has been her favourite colour she referred to it as classy.

She all loves to reading and writing , poetry, short stories, blogging, social media engagement, hence her invaluable presence of digital media. Check her out channels to get a glimpse of Denny’s beautiful and creative world;

Her social media channels are

Websites/Blogwww.bydennisada.com (previously www.sourirejolie.com)

She also has an unpublished book

Words can’t begin to describe your many artistic talents in style, writing and photography.


Dennisada was brought up in  very Christian background. In her early child hood days she participated fully in the children’s department of the Apostolic Army.

She served God with an open heart at Winners Chapel. At 22 she was already a home cell leader, in children’s department and also cleaned the church auditorium every Saturday. She is a true and good Christian.

Pose Dennisada Fiberesima

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