Happy Birthday to the Curator and Chief Creative Writer for bydennisada.com

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Today we remember our Curator and Chief Creative Writer for bydennisada.com, Late Ms. Dennisada Fiberesima (April 3, 1992 – December 19, 2017).

A friend, daughter, sister, soulmate worth having. Always wiling to contibute to success and happiness of humanity.

We say happy birthday to Dennisada Fiberesima, as much as we miss your earth presence, we know you are in a better place, thou here with us in spirit as you continue to inspire us to do good.

We say thank you as we continue to remember your nature as hardworking, poet, fashionista, poet, stylist, creative writer, dedication to friendship and family.

We remember your mum as well and know she was a great woman because you are fruit from her tree. You are great.

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