Tributes to Dennisada Fiberesima

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Dennisada was Secretary of the Wakirike Development Coalition’s Language Group and sent out the excellently written minutes of meetings same day. She was very professional and energetic. She visited the Coalition’s office and put her creativity into an audio-visual advert for Wakirike Unity Concert 2017. She had a very pleasant disposition with an infectious smile, zest for life and zeal to contribute her quota towards making Kirike Be Se great. Her passion and excellent ideas positioned her quite easily as part of a new generation of Wakirike youths with love for their motherland. One looked forward to working with her in the years ahead, never suspecting that the Concert promo video was her swan song…

“God has spoken, let the Church say, Amen!”

On behalf of Wakirike Unity Concert

Abiye Hector-Goma

21st January 2018



I was asked to write your tribute on behalf of OpenTalk Tech Community. A writer is asked to write to another – and honestly, I did not know what to write. I thought of how we will miss your simplicity even though you are a deep person. I thought of how we could have commended your strength of character though you appear a weak person. I remembered your values and thought I should have spoken of how you love your family, your church, and the friends you have, but I was afraid I was not in the best position to do this.
Here is a tribute to a heroine. A simple heroine. Who in the simplicity of life showed others to love and care for your neighbours, friends, and family is the greater responsibility of powerful people.
Here is a tribute to a woman who believed not in gender equality but in gender uniqueness and celebration.
Here is a tribute to a skilled communicator who loved technology and was not in any way intimidated by what she did not know for she believed she could learn, err, and know even better.
Here is a tribute to one who believes the good of all is equally her own good and was more interested in the growth and advances of their entire group and not simply her own development.
A special tribute to you Deni. We will not see you when we talk, we will not read your comments, or follow your tweets but you will forever be alive in hearts, imaginations, and thoughts of your true neighbours, friends, and family.
We love you. We miss you, but in true love, we wish you perfect and everlasting LIFE and REST.

Aniefiok Friday
(Convener, OpenTalk Tech Community)

TRIBUTE FROM OAU class of 2012

It wasn’t  a coincidence, destiny brought us together. 4 trying years, made us realize how much you loved but also how much you were hurt. Denny it wasn’t the fact that you were reserved, easy going and a lot trendy but those of us who truly saw you, knew you had been blessed with a heart too huge to carry. Barely few years outside our school walls, we see your handwriting on the world’s diary. Your determination to make life count, makes us realise that truly, this is all we have. We thank you for the message well received. Your death is life for most of us who had forgotten to live for truth. But now, we live… We say thank you for the time we shared for the most crucial parts of our lives that moulded us. We say thank you for your unspoken words and we say thank you for being true to yourself. Rest in peace dearest Dennisada.

OAU class of 2012

Tribute to Denny

It is still hard to accept that you are no more, but rather than despair,  I choose to celebrate your life my friend. I don’t get to call many people this, but you Denny were my friend. Your ability to enjoy yourself totally and your ever beautiful laughter  made it seem like you had no single worry in life but knowing you and everything you had to contend with made me admire you even more.

Ours is not a life without hope and I thank God almighty for that, because for us death is not the end, it’s only a new beginning.

You were an inspiration to me and I will forever cherish the memories we shared in cities all over the country.

Rest on my darling South South Princess.

Ehi Steven (Afouda Dotun Ehizojie), MIB
Zhaoqing Schools Affiliated to Beijing
Normal University Zhuhai.

Tribute: Gladys Douglas

Dearest Sister, I find it so hard to believe that I won’t see you again, we spoke on Friday and you advised me (as usual) to follow my heart and be happy with whatever decision I make. Denny you couldn’t wait for me to come back from my journey so we could hang out and take the photo shoot together , I guess we can’t question God but one thing that’s sure is that you are in a way better place. Thank you so much for being my friend, sister, special adviser, prayer warrior, fashion teacher and so much more. You are the definition of FRIENDSHIP because you have always been there for me since I met you in 2001, nothing tore us apart, we never quarrelled because you are sweet, calm and very supportive. I love you and you’ll always be in my heart.

Gladys Douglas

Tribute to my Beloved Cousin

Dennigirl I woke up to hear the shocking news of your demise, it was difficult to take in, it was unbearable, I was in complete shock, I couldn’t even talk when I was asked what went wrong, I couldn’t stop screaming as tears gushed down my eyes.

Dennigirl you were so full of life, you were one of the most elegant and poised lady I looked up to , you were there when I needed you, you were also there to guide me through. You showed the world what you were capable of, You were a strong block woman.

I know that death is inevitable but you were too young to go so soon, you still had a lot to accomplish. I still can’t believe I won’t hear from you or even see you. Rest on my beautiful Sister, you will forever remain in my heart. I love you.

Orabelema Ebenezer-Iwari Fiberesima

Tribute from Tonbra Osunu

Denni baby
Just to soon
But shine on
Tears can’t express it
Groans can’t convey it
Screams cannot tell it
Am crossed and crushed
Broken and wearied
Oh death !
Oh death  !
Where are they filthy fangs
You snatched what’s not yours
And I hate you for it
I can’t see anything good about this bye
So I won’t say goodbye but I will
Be still and let God be God
But never d less earth lost a soul
But heaven gained an angel

From Tonbra Osunu

Tribute to Dennisada Fiberesima

Dennisada, we met for a very short time and only twice, but we met to discuss a good course. we met to plan, collaborate and execute the right values that should be preached and shown to all. I can be rest assured you stand for the right values and it’s a great regret that this world will miss you.

Thank you for the short time we shared and the smiles you gave. We will miss you, Rest In Peace.

Bruce Lucas N.
Open-Talk Tech Member.

To my dearest sister..

A loud shout woke me up on the morning of 20th Dec. 2017.. Saying that you where no more. I could not believe  my ears as uncontrollable tears gushed down my eyes because it was so shocking and unbelievable..  Due to the fact that you where healthy and vibrant young lady pursuing your dreams and death came to so sudden rob you of benefiting all of  your hard work. I just can’t believe that I won’t see  you again.. You’ll forever be in my heart…

Farewell DennyGirl

Ibigbani Iwari

To Deni,

It was a really rude shock to hear the news of your journey to Glory!

We were together with friends at the Tech event on the Saturday. We played ayo several times and you were the unbeaten champ. Nothing could have indicated that events would unfold as they did.

We miss you, but we believe you’re in a better place.

May God keep your family and console them in these trying times.

From Ikechukwu Uche
OpenTalk Tech member

Tribute to Deni,

I didn’t get to know Deni very much, but from the little group chats we had, she always responded nicely. I could tell, she was a lovely person.
I’m gonne miss her conversations in the group, I’m gonna miss Deni. May her Perfect Soul, Rest in Peace.

Eziefule Chinonso Micheal
OpenTalk Tech Member

Tribute from Queeneth

My dear sister, our meeting in life is by no means a fortuitous. But the vacuum your untimely departure has caused will never be erased. Denny girl, it’s sad that I have to talk about you in past tense. I can’t stop weeping, however, I am confident that you are in a better place, a place of eternal peace. Rest on my dear sister.

Queeneth Hart.

Tribute from Cousin Alaso Iwari

It is HARD to accept the death of a loved one; especially when you didn’t have the chance to say goodbye. Your death is a shocker of the moment to me, when I heard your exit from this wicked world, I couldn’t believe you would leave us so soon. We love you so much and we will miss you. As painful as it is you are in the best place where there is no pain and sorrow. Your presence in HEAVEN Shall be more valuable than your absence on earth.

Alaso Iwari

Tribute To An Angel

I don’t know much about you Dennisada Fiberesima, but what I definitely know is that you were and still a BLESSING to your family and to everyone you came across… You were always calm and quiet back in OAU.

Sis, you will never be FORGOTTEN… Keep resting Duchess! #Forever_A_Diplomat #IRSA

Fakoyejo Abimbola Daniels.

Tribute to Deni by your great Auntie Addie Orupabo

Our Dennygirl, with brains and beauty, a very smart young lady on her way to starting her post graduate program with a very bright future. She was so young and gone so soon, you made the whole family proud of you with all your wonderful achievements. We may never understand what happened here, and cannot question the sovereign Omnicient God who knows all things. But Lord it’s very painful and our hearts are broken. Please Holy Spirit of God comfort the whole family. I saw you last at my daughter’s wedding looking so beautiful and stylish and never thought in a million years this could happen. You will be thoroughly missed. Rest in perfect peace in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Farewell Sweetheart.

Addie  Orupabo

Tribute by Solikume

Despite the cruelty of our time we have been blessed.

Denny was that blessing, she lit our lives with her kindness, generosity and resources. She was a clear picture of possibility; all you had to do is have an idea or target she can get it done. And it didn’t matter how rough times were; she never wore it always confident, joyfully dressed and a treasure to be around. So trust me when I say my heart is heavy with thoughts of the value I no longer have with me.

Am grateful I met her cause I gained her memory to treasure.

Denny you are loved beyond words and missed beyond measures. Adieu my dear friend

Solikume Udomine Olamoniso Joel

A Tribute to My Little Denny

My dearest Denny,

A Poet, Blogger, Style Coach, Art & Culture lover, Photographer, Budding Fictographer and Tech Enthusiast.

Some may know you as Denny, Denny-Girl, but Dennisada Fiberesima you are My Little Denny (Lil D). You are young and gone too soon.

In the short time we knew, you were everything I wanted in my future. You were Peaceful, loving, trustworthy, creative, dynamic, not mediocre, intelligent, respectful, good, free spirited, always willing learn, a great team player, my number one team member, a fashionista, a stylist, humble, kind, fun loving, young at heart, my hope and the many more positive attributes of an angel embodied in you. These are not just words I alone will express or say for the sake of rhetorics. This is my truth and that’s why amongst the many, I found it more sane and happy being your friend. You are “Iron that Sharpens Iron”, a valuable friend to have and cherish. Being your friend was a great experience, especially because we never spent our time discussing mediocre, we instead explored the intellectual sphere of progressive possibilities, how we could make a positive change in our lives and the community around us. You are my digital queen as I always called you and respected. I was your techie king and with you was Patience, you always said “a time will come”. We had great dreams, plans, visions and missions, surely we would have achieved them as a team. I am usually a strong person, but you living me so soon, while we were just laying the foundation for all the many plans we had is heartbreaking. We were at a stage of self rediscovery and rebranding, where we started by redefining our digital identities and sort to do greater things.

I sure you will be happy if your fans as you always said would check out your digital presence and smile at your creativity. Her social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are;

Your redefined blog for poetry, photography and lifestyle is
Website/ (previously:

We were on a mission together as 5 and 6. With tears in my eyes I say “Gone to soon”, but the ways of God are not that of man. I only hold on with the believe that you have left for a better place and greater purpose. May your loving and creative hands continue to aid us. You were young at heart and for this I am sure you are in heaven (Matthew 18:3).

You were a member of so many associations; OpenTalk Tech Community PHC, Rivers State Bloggers Community, PH Book Club, PH Poetry Club, Women in Water Nigeria, The 36 Forum, Nigerian Institute of Public Relations. Some of which I participated because of you.

Life is measured in achievement, not in the years alone. You did achieve a whole lots within your little time here with us, you are highly honoured, you are great. You always left a footprint of peace, charisma, intelligence and smiles wherever you went.

As you rest, may you always extend your hand of love and comfort to us.  My dearest friend Denny,  As you have transcended and live on, you are ok now and safe, you are in a better place. I will forever ever miss you. May your soul rest in peace, until we meet again.

Your one number fan,

Osowo Ebuta

A Tribute to Denny

Dennis, may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
When I saw Sammy’s post on facebook about your death, I went again to check the photograph I had with you during the 2011 IRSA trip to Badagry. If there is anything I can remember about you Dennis, it’s your humility, simplicity and gentleness- maybe we had that in common.
Anyone who takes out time to get a little close to you would see how beautiful you are on the inside. You were never proud!
We can’t question God! He giveth and He taketh but one thing for sure, we know you’re in a better place.
May God uphold your family, your friends and associates as well as grant we your course mates the fortitude to bear your absence.
May the Lord spare the rest of us to old age.

It is well friends.
RIP Denny.

OSIYOYE Temitayo O.

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