Who is Nipsey Hussle ?

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As we mourn #RIP and celebrate #LIP the risen souls like that of Tha Great, Nipsey Hussle an Eritrean – American, who was a great example of “rising against all odds” and doing great for his community – country. Being the change he wanted to see in his community.

Nipsey Hussle was born “Ermias Joseph Asghedom” on August 15, 1985, and died March 31, 2019, at 33 years of age from gunshot wounds by the hands of a “Black Judas” (Eric Holder).

“I read that somewhere, that the highest human act is to inspire”

Nipsey Hussle (Video Interview)

List of Inspiring Actions by Nipsey Hussle

Here is a list of progressive things Nipsey Hussle was involved with that helped to bring enlightenment and change to the youths of the world.

  • A Loving Father (two children)
  • A Loving Husband
  • A Community Influencer, Organizer, Leader, and Builder
  • An Activist
  • An Entrepreneur – The Marathon Clothing, Steves Barbershop, Vector 90 CoWorking Space
  • A Music Label Owner – All Money In
  • Technology Enthusiast & STEM Project Collaborator – Vector 90 CoWorking Space
  • An Investor – Bitcoin, Real Estate
  • A Rapper – Discography (The Marathon (2010), The Marathon Continues (2011), Crenshaw (2013), Mailbox Money (2014), Victory Lap (2018))
  • Grammy Nominated – 2019
  • An Actor – Filmography ( I tried (2007), Caged Animal (2010), Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015))
  • A Seeker
  • A Thinker
  • A Visionary
  • A Giver
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